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All along I am aware that the chords and tabs that I have made were being posted up in some blogs, forums and chord/tab sites. It’s not a lot, but enough to make me realise that there are more people than I thought, looking at my work and hopefully using them. These works of mine were taken from forums like YUI-Lover Forum where I originally post them. Actually, majority of my tabs floating around in the internet are of YUI transcriptions.

Now I do not have anything againts people taking my work and posting them up on their sites. They at least mention my name and direct credits to me. So I thought, fair enough, my original intention was sharing anyways. But there was always this idea of doing this myself at the back of my head. That being having my own website for posting my own work.

So finally with a push from a friend, I got the motivation to get this thing started.

My chords & tabs folder in my laptop I has about 100 text files of my transcription work. Each file being 1 song. So I have a lot of posting to do in days to come. I’ll figure out a systematic pattern of doing this and hope it goes along fine.

I do not know how this idea is going to turn out. But I do hope this will be the place where I can share all my transcriptions rather than keeping them dormant in my hard disk.

So a quick summary of what you would find here. First and foremost, definitely my chords and tabs from transcribing song. Mostly japanese song as that’s what I listen to most of the time. I would from time to time share some songs that I like or am crazy about at the moment. Maybe some artist news if I deem it important enough for everyone to know. I might also take requests if you are confident in my work.

Well that’s all for now. Follow me on twitter if you’re interested in my blog updates and do come by if you need chords or tabs, because I might have them 🙂 hopefully 😀

tsunvun86 signing off~

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August 31, 2010 at 4:01 pm

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