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Japan 2012: Day of Departure + Day 1 [Sendai]

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21st & 22nd of June

The day started with me leaving my little town where I work, to Brisbane to catch a flight with Singapore Airlines to Tokyo, Narita Airport. With a tinge of guilt I dare to say that it feels good leaving that place to take a break elsewhere. Arrived at Brisbane airport without incident and saw a big group of Japanese high school kids crowding the baggage collection area. First Japanese sighting even before arriving at Japan.


Japanese students crowding the baggage belt

SQ plane sitting right outside our gate


The 8 or so hour flight from Brisbane to Singapore was…  interesting… I spotted this dude 3 time my size all around getting into his seat just behind mine. I thought uh oh there goes the idea of reclining my seat. Then I realised an Asian girl sat next to him. Poor girl was maybe half of his height with them sitting down. I think the dude realised the awkwardness and started talking to her. She had to lift her head as much as she can to see his face… The fun did not come until he started singing aloud a quarter into the flight. That was really weird. He got told off by a few people, annoyed looks from most and the stewardess had to eventually talk him out of it with a glass of Bourbon. Wasn’t too fun for myself as well from being woken up few times by him singing “lollipop lollipop”…

Stopped over at Changi airport for about two and a half hours before leaving for Tokyo for another 8 hours. I really took the fun option transiting through Singapore. That’s what I get for paying a cheaper fare I guess. The trip was uneventful right until the end when we were approaching Narita. The captain announced from the PA that few planes before us tried to land but failed due to the rain/shower. We did not even attempt a landing and was redirected to Nagoya airport instead which was 45 minutes away from Tokyo, where we were. In Nagoya we had to wait for an hour to refuel and wait for news on the weather. Spent another three quarters of an hour heading back to Tokyo and landed successfully while it was still raining slightly.


During the wait at Nagoya airport


I arrived at Tokyo one day after I left my small town. But the journey did not end there as my first starting point in Japan was Sendai, further North. After obtaining my pre-purchased 14 day JR Pass, it took me about 3 hours to reach Sendai Station. Had a 5 minute walk and there I was standing at the reception getting my room key.

It was a hunt for the Sendai famous Gyutan after freshening up at the hotel. Ended up in Rikyu, one of the more famous gyutan chain restaurants in Sendai. Walked around Ichibancho Arcade after dinner but majority of shops were closing since it was late. So that concluded the day considering there was no point continuing on with nothing to see. Turned around and I returned for a night’s rest.


Grilled Gyutan

Gyutan Stew

Dinner at Rikyu

Zepp Sendai

One of the shopping arcades. YUI might have visited and did a street performance?

tsunvun86, out!

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